Golf prodigy 8

OK – today’s 5-year-old prodigy is golfer Kyle Lograsso, profiled below in the first of a two-part video series (you can find part two online, naturally). There are quite a few videos about little Kyle on youtube, and more than one calls him “the next Tiger Woods,” inevitably. But he reminds us more of Slammin’ Sam Snead. Either way, he’s a special kid – check out his website and see for yourself.

Kyle’s rise to fame speaks directly to the question we at BP have been wrestling with, namely, how important – or advisable – is it to “encourage” a talented child athlete with lessons, standardized training, professional coaching, etc.?

This kid’s game is amazing. Especially his swing, which he learned and perfected – ready for this? – at 3 years old, by watching TV. So, friends – if you’ve dropped thousands on the golf pro and hundreds more on books and instructional videos, watch this one…and weep.

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