“Little Messi” 3

Another “next Lionel Messi” – 6-yr-old Hassan Ayari. Most commendable in this video, to BP’s eyes, are his game skills (there’s even a “passing” section on the video, which in itself is remarkable). In other words, he hasn’t spent all of his time juggling the ball away from a real game with teammates, defenders, goals, and so on. Also noteworthy is Hassan’s passion – he can’t have got these crazy ball skills without an amazing amount of time on the practice ground. And whoever’s coaching him (Ayari, Sr.?) is certainly dedicated (and imaginative – check out the harness at the 55-sec mark!).

Who knows where this all leads? Is eventual success due to passion, coaching, time, circumstances, good genes, or what? Right now, Hassan seems to have them all…

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