World #2 makes #1 shot 2

This is freakin’ amazing. Honestly – as over 1.2 million youtube hits might suggest.

The US Open has seen some great performances so far, like Kim Clijsters’ return to form, and young Canadian Peter Polansky’s second victory over a top-35 opponent in two weeks. But nothing comes close to the pure beauty, athleticism, and – let’s face it – ballsy insouciance of Roger Federer’s between-the-legs classic shown here.

Federer may have slipped to world #2 behind Rafa Nadal, but he’s still a beast. Here’s hoping he produces some more sublime tennis at this week’s tourney. Oh, and while you’re waiting for more miracles from the Fed Express on the court, feast your eyes on this trick shot he does – a la Swiss countryman William Tell – knocking a can off the head of a scared-stiff video crew dude.

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