Man U Soccer School crowns new king 3

Arnors Brynjolfsson receiving award from Sir Bobby Charlton

Arnors Gauti Brynjolfsson…his name seems tricky to say right now (unless you’re Icelandic), but maybe in 10 years or so it’ll flow freely from mouths all round the world – really, it’s no more difficult than, say, “Ibrahimovich” or “Schweinsteiger.” Arnors, just 11 – from Iceland – just won the 2010 Manchester United Soccer School’s World Skills Final at Old Trafford. To do so, he had to demonstrate attitude, diligence, and raw talent. Since these have been in short supply for the Reds this season, maybe we’ll see young Arnors playing instead of Berbatov or Carrick before the year’s out…

Here’s a look at what the kids get up to at the school:

Congratulations, Arnors – BP looks forward to hearing more about you soon!

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