Glenn Anderson: How to improve the Toronto Maple Leafs 1

The Anderson Series, pt. 4: in this exclusive video interview, Glenn Anderson responds to the question “if you were the Leafs’ GM, how would you improve the team?” For long-suffering Toronto hockey fans, Anderson’s answer suggests why the team has wandered in the wilderness for 40+ years.

Who have been the team’s “bad apples” over the decades? And are there any left on the tree now? Discuss…

This is the fourth segment in our series of interviews with Anderson. Each clip explores a different aspect of what made Anderson such a great hockey player and what led him to the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame. Click HERE to see the first segment in The Anderson Series, HERE for the second, and HERE for the third. To receive the next installment direct to your email inbox, just subscribe to Best Player in the World’s email updates, to the right of this post.

Check each week for the latest installment as The Anderson Series brings you insights from one of the best.

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