Glenn Anderson: a different kind of player

In this, the sixth installment of Best Player in the World’s “Anderson Series,” the Hall of Fame forward finally addresses the media-driven perception that he was a difficult interview, an odd duck, and “different.” Anderson’s take on this is fascinating – notably, he never directly blames the media.

But we do.

In addition to what he says, our take is that anyone who answers sports journalists’ cliched questions without resorting to cliches of his own is right away stepping out of the mold,  becoming a challenge for the media. Anderson isn’t the only one who’s elicited this reaction: Brett Hull and Jeremy Roenick were also tagged as “different” during their own playing days.

Anderson later touches on the differences between international and NHL hockey, and what sport he’d have gone into if not hockey (the answer will surprise you).

This is the sixth segment in our series of interviews with Anderson. Each clip explores a different aspect of what made Anderson such a great hockey player and what led him to the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame. With the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs underway, and the spotlight on the best performances of the season, it’s an especially good time to hear from Anderson, the ultimate clutch player, in his great days with the Edmonton Oilers, and his contributions to the Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers in the post-season as well.

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