Glenn Anderson: why your kid should play with older kids 1

The Anderson Series, pt. 5: in this exclusive video interview, Glenn Anderson cites good coaching and “playing up” as what helped him become the incredible skater he was.

If you’re a fan of a certain age, you’ll have a mental image of Anderson squeaking past a check on the boards, knocked off balance maybe but still up on one skate, puck still on his stick, him veering around the D-man and improbably cutting to the net, then regaining his legs and driving into the crease…with predictable results.

This is the fifth segment in our series of interviews with Anderson. Each clip explores a different aspect of what made Anderson such a great hockey player and what led him to the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame. Click HERE to see the first segment in The Anderson Series, HERE for the second, HERE for the third, and HERE for number four. To receive the next installment direct to your email inbox, just subscribe to Best Player in the World’s email updates, top right of this page.

Check each week for the latest installment as The Anderson Series brings you insights from one of the best.

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