Patrick Kane leads Blackhawks’ comeback 4

Horrors. The Chicago Blackhawks have now come back from the grave (a 3-0 series deficit to the Vancouver Canucks) to even things at 3-3, with Game 7 coming up this Tuesday from Vancouver. Many Hawks have risen from the dead to play great hockey, including D-men Duncan Keith and Brian Campbell, captain Jonathan Toews, and forwards Patrick Sharp, Dave Bolland, and the oft-mistaken-for-a-corpse Marian Hossa.

But nobody puts the fear into the Canucks’ defenders and goalies quite like little #88, Patrick Kane. The guy’s skills are crazy, and he’s really confident with the puck. Whenever he’s on the ice, as a Vancouver supporter, I’m immediately worried.

Kane didn’t get this good overnight. Watch below – two minutes of great hockey from Kane up to 2009. We got a big problem, Roberto.

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4 thoughts on “Patrick Kane leads Blackhawks’ comeback

  • Superscout

    I know it’s (it is) un-Canadian of me – given that they could on Tuesday night dump the once heavily favoured Canucks out of the Stanley Cup play-offs – but I love the way the Hawks play and I love so many of their players, including Kane. Last season they played with a level of speed, skill and attitude that I thought had elements of the swashbuckling Edmonton Oilers of the 1980s. It’s a real shame that they had to so quickly dismantle that wonderful Stanley Cup winning team of last season. Who knows what they could have accomplished?

  • the Abbot Post author

    Right on, Superscout. The Hawks are the real deal, whether or not they dump the Canucks (and I’m hoping this year they don’t, notwithstanding their obvious talent and style). Concomitantly, if the Nucks have to lose to someone, who better than Toews, Kane, Keith & Co, the fastest and most skilled core collection of guys in the league? Far better to go down to Chicago than to inveterate choke-artists San Jose or defence-first Nashville. My prediction is that whoever wins the Chicago-Vancouver series wins the Cup.

    • Superscout

      I like your prediction Abbot. For all of their recent woes, the Canucks remind me a bit of previous Detroit Red Wing teams that won Cups with skill and discipline. What the Nucks lack is something intangible that can only be forged under intense pressure. The Wings struggled for years to be the best. Remember – they were just days away from trading Yzerman and that season or the next, won the Cup. Yzerman went on to become one of the best players of all time and a Detroit legend. I think that the Canucks could have legends in the making – if they can just stick it out.