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As we head tonight into the Stanley Cup finals (should be a killer series between the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins), time to check in again with one of hockey’s greatest playoff performers, Glenn Anderson of the mighty Edmonton Oilers.

In this clip – #8 of BP’s Anderson Series – Glenn talks about which athletes he finds most inspirational. What he says about “the greatest of the greatest” (Gretzky, Woods, Jordan, Federer) is fascinating. Anderson also substantiates the rumour that all hockey players want to be musicians (!)… and as we look ahead to this final series, it’s interesting to hear what Anderson says about which players he most values as the core of a winning team.

Makes us wonder which Canucks and Bruins will rise to the top over the next week or so… Watch this space for the final two Anderson clips as the hockey season reaches an end.

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One thought on “Glenn Anderson: inspirational performers

  • Superscout

    My – this is a well-tagged post. Just look at those names: the stars of stars, some of the best players ever in their respective sports: Jordan, Federer, Woods, Gretzky. I love what Glenn says about those players being masters of the mental part of the game and also about how hard they worked despite all of their talent.

    Last night’s inspirational performer?: Raffi Torres? The Star’s Damien Cox muses whether Vancouver’s game-winning goal scorer is now forgiven for his dirty play in these play-offs:–cox-torres-a-canuck-hero-after-scoring-in-canucks-1-0-game-1-victory

    Note what Cox says about Ryan Kesler’s influence on the Torres goal:

    “On the play, Vancouver centre Ryan Kesler, the team’s best player throughout these playoffs, pulled up with the puck in the Boston zone and drew the Boston defence towards him before feeding a cross-ice pass to Hanson.

    “’Just seeing that, I thought, I’ve just got to get open,” said Torres. ‘(Hansen) made a great play to get it over, and I was just fortunate to get it into the back of the net.’”

    So, given Torres’ own account of the goal, instead of focusing on the goal-scorer, it looks like we should instead focus on Kesler for providing the inspiration on that huge Vancouver goal.

    I’m imagining that a news title for that goal could read: “Kesler inspires Torres game winner”

    Looks like that Kesler effort definitely meets Glenn Anderson’s criteria for inspirational play-off performers, regardless of which villain put the puck in the net.

    Just throwing this out there – how much of a villain was Glenn Anderson is some people’s eyes? I personally loved him for his speed, toughness and clutch goal-scoring ability. But if I recall, he was no angel : ) Perhaps some opposing fans hated him?

    There’s no way Glenn would ever have done to Brent Seabrook what Torres did, right?