Ban all hits to the head, says Crosby 1

The world's best hockey player, still not playing

Crosby: “I read a stat that there’s 50,000 hits in a year, and we’re talking about 50, maybe. You know, 50 head shots. And to take those out, the game’s not going to change… As players, we’re professionals, the odd time maybe there’s accidental contact but for the most part we can control what goes on out there. For sure, it’s a fast game, but we’ve got to be responsible too. A guy’s got to be responsible with his stick, why shouldn’t he be responsible with the rest of his body when he’s going to hit someone?

More from Sean Gordon’s Globe and Mail article here.

When you’re a league (the NHL) whose best player (Sidney Crosby) hasn’t played in 9 months and has no fixed return date, and with other stars’ careers cut short because of dirty head shots (Marc Savard), and with former “enforcers” – and how ridiculous does that term now sound?  – dying quite possibly as a partial consequence of what they did on the ice during their playing days, then you – the NHL – had better take a long look at what you’re presenting.

Take out hits to the head, take out the anachronism of fighting. Better game, fewer tragedies.

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