Best Player, Worst Hair #12 – Andre Agassi 1

Ok, this one’s no surprise either. In fact, many Worst Hair readers have been waiting breathlessly for this very installment. Another subscriber suggested we do an entire series just on Andre’s hair. Anyway, to mark the 4th round of one of Andre’s fave tourneys, the U.S. Open, here he is in all his late-80s glory:

the secret love child of Mel Gibson, Farrah Fawcett, and an unspecified rodent

At Best Player, we’re big Agassi fans. We think his 2009 autobiography Open is a fabulous sports memoir, and we’ve always loved his talent and grit and character on the court. And in fact, Andre himself is pretty funny and forthcoming about his hair and his early obsession with it: there’s a story in Open about his being way more concerned about his hair implants (which he’d accidentally washed down a hotel shower drain) than about his match at the French Open.

Andre started losing his hair early and went to great lengths (sorry) to hide the fact. But he looked a lot better when he came to terms with his male-pattern baldness and shaved his head. Otherwise, he could have ended up in the same sad boat as another 80s hair god, onetime Van Halen singer David Lee Roth:

Not pleasant.

Now, Andre is happily chrome-domed, raising a family with Steffi Graf, running his charitable school and foundation, and playing exhibition matches against old rivals like John McEnroe and Jim Courier. But when sports stylists look at the historical record, nobody embodies the Bad Hair Decade quite like the young Agassi.


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