Video: Brazil v Mexico – highlights & all goals (including Ronaldinho free kick) 1

OK, this is one of the oddest (and most entertaining) videos we’ve posted in some time. Odd because of the editing job – it plays a bit like someone knocked back a few strong margaritas and set to work on the tape with a machete…and odd, in an endearing way, because of the very, um, spirited Latin American commentary. The Premiership this ain’t.

Entertaining because of (1) Dani Alves – he seems to be under the impression he’s at the Rugby World Cup and not on the soccer pitch. Watch him whack a few Mexican players, drill a free kick miles over the bar, whack himself in the nether regions, and then take down a Mexican forward in the box, drawing a penalty kick, and then add to the fun by chirping his way into a red card. (2) A great back-heel pass by Neymar that almost results in the first Brazilian goal. (3) A sublime free-kick strike by Ronaldinho to tie the game in the 80th minute. Anyone who doubts Ronnie’s value to el Selecao, take note. (4) A huge winner by Marcello, minutes after Ronnie’s goal, snatching away what looked like a sure win for Mexico.

Just a friendly, but a great match.

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