Crosby, Malkin, Neal turn off the Jets 1

Crosby to the Pens = coals to Newcastle

The Pittsburgh Penguins were doing pretty well before captain Sidney Crosby’s recent return to the lineup. Evgeni Malkin was leading the league in points (still is), and James Neal was having a career season on the wing (still is).

Tossing Crosby into this makes the Penguins damn near unbeatable, as the Winnipeg Jets found out Tuesday. Lured into a run-and-gun game that they couldn’t really hope to win, the Jets traded a few goals with the home team but came up on the wrong end of an 8-4 scoreline.

Crosby? No goals but four assists. Malkin? Five points on two goals and three assists. Neal had a hat-trick.

The last word goes to Winnipeg’s Brian Little: “You can’t really match up against that. They’ve got so much depth. Every time you’re out there you’re going to be playing against one of the better players in the league.”

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