Caroline Wozniacki “sings” 3

Caroline, a fabulous tennis player, pulls out all the stops (the auto-tune stops, that is) on a song called “Oxygen” she, er, sings for charity.

We don’t want to criticize much here, because it’s all in a good cause – any proceeds from this effort go to benefit the Danish and Polish paralympic teams. But maybe a little more of her voice – whatever it may sound like – and a little less of the studio engineer’s hot little fingers on the auto-tune knobs might have introduced just a little humanity into the thing.

Check it out:

Then again, with lyrics like “Come over here so I can touch your body. Don’t make me wait. Don’t hesitate” and
“You’re like the gravity that’s holding’ me, it’s pulling babe,” maybe going hog-wild on that auto-tune was the best production decision after all.

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