Mike Milbury vs Sidney Crosby 2

This is one heck of a contrast.

Milbury was a decent if unremarkable player, and from there went on to a stint as likely the very worst general manager in NHL history, trading away Zdeno Chara, Roberto Luongo, Todd Bertuzzi and other stars from the woeful Islanders in return for terminal underachievers like Alexi Yashin.

"Uh, gee - I apologize for being so stupid?"

But it wasn’t until Milbury took on a role as a broadcaster, a hockey “colour man,” a supposed expert on the game pontificating on NBC, CBC, and US radio, that he became what he is now: a walking, talking example of everything that’s wrong with pro hockey. His response to Brayden Schenn’s uncontrolled and chickensh*t cross-check from behind on Sidney Crosby (a cross-check that Crosby couldn’t possibly have seen or defended himself against) was to call Crosby a “punk” and a “little goody two-shoes” (whatever that means). He also, in his semi-coherent way, made fun of Crosby’s recent concussion problems. You have to suspect that Milbury’s own brain was maybe rattled once too often during his playing days.

Crosby’s not a saint – he’s a tough competitor who even an idiot like Milbury should respect for playing a hard game as a skill player. So today, while Milbury was busily apologizing for his bonehead remarks, Crosby went out and scored two goals against the toughest team in the NHL, the Boston Bruins.

I wondered whether to even post on this… a cipher like Milbury doesn’t really deserve anyone’s attention. But then I thought of the difference between these guys. Milbury shoots his mouth off on radio, defending some inane code that still somehow seems real to him – and Crosby doesn’t say a whole lot but goes out and plays good hockey.

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