The quotable Serena

"I either hit the ball or I miss it."

When Serena Williams isn’t shrieking and screaming her way to winning tennis matches (not as often, lately) or out doin’ it up right (maybe more so?), she’s regaling the world’s media with bons mots that keep tennis fans scratching their heads long after the lights on centre court have gone dark.

Here’s Serena summing up important takeaways from her first-round exit at last month’s French Open: “I learned that you got to … keep going.” Reaching even deeper in the same interview, she drew on insights from the arts so as to better express herself. “As Kelly Clarkson says,`What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.'”

Today, struggling to explain the outcome of her first-round victory at Wimbledon, Serena got all zen-like on the press. “For me, when I’m playing a match,” she said, “I either win it or lose it.”

Good luck in round two, Serena.

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