Video: 9-year old tennis phenom Gabriella Price

This one’s worth the 9 minutes it takes to watch. Not only is young Gabriella amazingly graceful and powerful for a 60-pound Gr 4 girl…but the dynamic that plays out in the video between her parents, her coach, and Gabriella herself is compelling. If you’ve spent any time thinking about how great athletes are formed (genetics? desire? coaching?) and how much parental support is too much, you may be interested in this.

The YouTube comments here show how divided people are over this. For every positive word in support of young Gabby, there’s another cautionary comment saying, basically, ease off, Dad – she’s 9.

We’re not arguing one side or the other here…but it looks from the clip as though Gabriella is just as determined as her dad that she’s going to the top of the tennis world. She’s focused and articulate – and very, very good.

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