How to stay super-fit – in your basement 2

A few years ago, the good folks at Men’s Health created the “Spartacus Workout.” Designed to get and keep you strong & fit by working muscles and cardio at once, it’s a great 35-min blast that you can do in the (dis)comfort of your own home.

We’ve done this ourselves – for a few years. It’s brutal, it’s agonizing, it’s loathsome, yes; but boy, does it get your heart rate up and your muscles screaming for mercy. All you need is a couple of sets of dumbbells: I’d recommend one 15 lb pair and another at 25 lbs.

The good (and evil) of this workout comes from the fiendish devotion to the clock it forces you into. Forget counting reps: you do 10 exercises, each one for a minute, with only 15 seconds’ interval between each exercise. Some exercises work your core, others your arms, others shoulders, others legs. All get you breathing hard – so by the end of the 10th exercise, you’re well & truly knackered. And you still have two more go-rounds of the 10 exercises left. Torture.

Whether you’re a runner out of season, a basketballer or footballer in season, or a locked-out NHLer trying to keep the pounds off, the Spartacus Workout is your best friend. Three times a week in your basement and you won’t need much else.

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