Future best: Evgeni Kuznetsov 1

This is the guy who a couple of years ago almost single-handedly destroyed the Canadian Juniors while he was the only 18-year-old playing among 19- and 20-yr old teammates for Russia. (Canadian fans will remember that awful 3rd period when Russia, led by the sublime and lightning-fast Kuznetsov, came from three goals behind to score five and win.)

Evgeny Kuznetsov: top 10 goals

This is the guy who has been drafted by the struggling Washington Capitals. A young dynamo like this might be exactly what the team needs to get Ovie back to form and wash away the memory of the terminally underachieving Alex Semin.

And this is the guy who has been tearing up the KHL with goals like the #1 rated goal on this clip. He may be having too much fun playing for Traktor to think seriously of crossing the pond to suit up for last-place Washington. But he’ll be here one day.

(Btw – you’ll notice the video shows equal parts stunningly beautiful offence and staggeringly poor defence. Seems all Russian forwards can skate, pass, and stickhandle like Datsyuk – but that none of them play defence like he does.)

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