Top 5 reasons the Caps should trade Ovechkin, pt 3 1

124 million of these…

…equals 4 billion of these

Reason #3: Too many roubles

This is part 3 of a 5-part series. For part 2, click here.

“What – me, worry?”

Before the 2008-09 NHL season, Alex Ovechkin signed a contract with the Washington Capitals that will pay him $124-million over 13 seasons. He’s making $9-million per season currently; and starting in 2014-15, his salary increases to $10-million per year.

We agree that Ovie is getting paid to put the puck in the net. At his present rate of production (32 goals in his last full season), his annual payout means that each goal he scores costs his team just $312,500. We can only assume that his production may drop as he gets older and more domestically content – and that per-goal hit will only go up.

In Russia, Ovie’s total package is worth just under 4 billion roubles. This is enough Russian currency to buy 6,000 luxury apartments in the city centre of Moscow or St Petersburg. Even if you factor in a couple of nice cars, a dacha in the country, maybe a boat on the Black Sea, and the obligatory crash pads in New York and D.C., the Great 8 will have plenty to line his pockets.

Unload this contract to a team with a history of overpaying for underperforming Europeans. Trade Ovie now.


Tomorrow: Reason #4 – Desire under the whelms


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