Poll: is Joey Barton right about Test cricket? 2

Joey B – hitting for six or silly mid off?

Joey Barton, the QPR midfielder who’s likely less known for his football than for the controversies in which he’s frequently embroiled, today on Twitter (@joey7barton) sums up test cricket thus:

Sitting on the bog for 12 hours until you lost the use of your legs would be more entertaining than a test match on day 1.

What say you, cricket fans worldwide? Does Joey have a point, or is he missing the nuances of a long-form sport in its purest, &c?

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2 thoughts on “Poll: is Joey Barton right about Test cricket?

  • The PM

    Joey B is entertaining, but not all that sharp — he’s no Cantona, in either footballing or philosophical terms. I suspect that test cricket’s subtleties might elude him. Yesterday’s first day of the fifth Ashes test wasn’t boring, just disappointing if you’re English. Or, I would imagine, distressingly familiar if you’re English and remember the years 1989-2009 (excl. 2005). Today, however, it is raining, so play is delayed. Now that’s boring!