Poll: who will win the Stanley Cup?

As the NHL’s regular seasons enters its final few weeks, two questions hang over the hockey world: which team will win the Connor McDavid sweepstakes, and which team will be hoisting the Cup in two months’ time?

Obviously, each question will have a different answer – and just as clearly, “the Toronto Maple Leafs” is the wrong answer to both. Canadian hockey fans’ hopes must surely rest on the Montreal Canadiens, although the Canucks will be playing come mid-April and the Jets, Flames, and Senators may squeeze into the playoffs as well.

Of the Canadian teams, only the Habs have a real shot at the Cup. Along with the rest of the league’s elite, the Canadiens at this point are hoping to keep their stars healthy and continue the drive for a solid end-of-season berth and the easier first-round matchup that brings.

Will 2015 be the first year that one of the historic stalwarts of the past decade does not skate away with the big prize? Will the NHL crown a new champion in Nashville, St Louis, or Vancouver? Or will a team led by experienced Cup vets again take home the Cup to Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, or even Tampa Bay?

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