How a centre-back should mark a big, fast, skillful striker

How a centre-back should mark a big, fast striker (like Orlando City’s Cyle Larin), according to Toronto FC coach Greg Vanney, himself a former centre-back:

  • Larin has the ability to quickly separate himself from opposing central defenders who try to close him down in the final third of the pitch—even when he’s been outnumbered
  • He goes one against two at times in the box but he’s been able to create that (space) where he’s turned things on goal and found the net
  • when you have two against one there’s always this feeling you can ‘zone’ something and that to me is dangerous with (Larin) who can pull away and get an extra yard
  • you have to have a physical presence on him
  • one guy always has to have contact with him
  • it can’t be two of (our defenders) just marking the space in front and behind him
  • have to be physically connected to him at all times
  • make sure he doesn’t get a clean look on goal

Source > Sportsnet

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