Game Week 1 Fantasy Selections Scuttling Hogs 1

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Unlike John V, I won’t attempt to explain the team name “Scuttling Hogs” – except to say it’s one steeped in history.

What I will highlight is the management decision to go with a core of players who are at the top of not just their own game but the game in general, and surround them with a supporting cast that the overall team salary budget could handle. Interestingly, this approach landed me the same three forwards as John V chose, but a completely different midfield. I was drawn to players like Payet and Dier, coming off strong summer showings at the Euro tournament. Aguero, Costa, and Vardy up front should be able to repeat in some fashion their success of last season, and de Gea in goal was an easy choice.

25 points out of the gate. Let’s see what the rest of the week brings.

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One thought on “Game Week 1 Fantasy Selections Scuttling Hogs

  • John V

    Abbot – I really like your midfield picks going forward. Much more dynamic than mine. While I’ve had a good game week so far, my midfield may be looking at some major surgery.