Fantasy Premier League Update: Pep City: Scuttling Hogs Hot on my Heels


When the Abbot declared his Scuttling Hogs “feel poised to rocket to the top of not just this league and the allied WPBHL fantasy league but also the larger ponds of the Canada and Arsenal leagues,” I felt a surprising twinge of worry. I say surprising because in the Abbot we’re talking about a hockey player here. Probably the only time he uses his feet in a creative way is when he walks to the bathroom in the morning. But here I am now mid-game-week, sweating. I’ve had a horrible weekend with several players rested by their managers after the international break (Son, Aguero), some players still injured (Baines) and some players missing penalties on a regular basis (Aguero). I know: excuses, excuses. It is what it is, you say. Abbot has thus far earned 51 points to your 32 and that quite simply is why your place at the summit is in jeopardy. And you are right. I sweat because mid-game-week I am only 1 point up on the Abbot’s Scuttling Hogs:



I really need Capoue and Rashford – my remaining two players in this game week – to come through so that I don’t suffer the ignominy of being surpassed by a lumbering hockey player.

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