Hogs resplendent


The Scuttling Hogs sit comfortably atop two leagues – WPBHL and Best Player in the World – with Gameweek 12 mostly in the books.

Despite sub-par showings from captain Aguero and expensive midfielder Sanchez (who has been underperforming of late and n.b., may soon find himself an ex-Hog), the team picked up points from Defoe up front and in the back line with Daniels and Azpillicueta. Chelsea’s exploits have done the Hogs well with Costa, too, contributing to this week’s respectable 44 points.

The strategy? Make subtle lineup switches contingent on Prem matchups, tweaking rather than tearing apart. I have two free transfers at this point and may take a good look at another strong midfielder.

The goal before the holidays is to move up in the “Canada” league to within the top 1,000.


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