Hogs refreshed for 2017 1


League-leading Scuttling Hogs have played their first-half wild card to make a number of strategic switches to tweak the lineup going into Gameweek 19 and the new year.

Out has come the struggling Jermain Dafoe, replaced by red-hot Rondon. Aike, Reid, and van Dijk shore up an almost entirely new back four, and Heaton is in as second keeper. All swaps should help the Hogs stay atop the Best Player and WPBHL leagues, continue their drive toward a Cup win, and get into the top 100 in Canada.

Hogs management has determined not to be swayed too heavily by the Fantasy Scout. “The only way to succeed big is to run against the herd,” reads a banner in the Hogs’ training room.

We look to more Hogs success in 2017.

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