News Release: Pep City Fantasy Premier League team re-branded as Conte FC 3


From his offices in downtown Toronto, fantasy manager John Vid has announced a re-branding of his Fantasy Premier League Pep City team. The move comes a day after Vid sold Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero and just hours after Pep Guardiola’s City lost 3-1 at home to Antonio Conte’s Chelsea FC.

“It’s been a trying FPL season and a trying day,” said Vid. “Selling Aguero yesterday and then watching Pep lose to Conte today was bad enough but then hearing that Alexis Sanchez had scored a hat-trick was just too much. I had hoped that today would be the day that Pep City turned a corner but Sanchez killed all hope. As a result, I have decided to relinquish the Pep City name and adopt a name celebrating the best in English football. That’s what I’m about, being the best. I want the best team and the best players. Consequently my team will now be known as Conte FC. I will always love Pep and everything he stands for but I’m about winning now, today; not yesterday or tomorrow. Along with bringing in a creative team to design a new Conte FC logo and marketing campaign, I will meet with my analytics team to decided which Chelsea players will be joining the fold for Gameweek 15.”

Full Disclosure: John Vid writes for this site under the nom de guerre, Virgil and is head of our Guidance Department. His most recent post was “Why I hate Alexis Sanchez“.

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