Soaring Hogs ride Sanchez to century, set sights on Fantasy Premier League summit 2

Well you really have to take your hat off to the Scuttling Hogs after they recorded a stunning 104 points during Game Week 14.

Leading the way for the Hogs was the captained Alexis Sanchez with a hat-trick and 46 points. The Hogs also got goals from Eriksen (2), Can, Costa and Defoe. Were it not for a late penalty kick call, the Hogs would also have recorded a David De Gea clean sheet.

The performance leaves the Hogs top of the exclusive WPBHL and Best Player in the World leagues, in the top 29,000 globally and among the 250s in the Great White North. Another week like the past one and the Hogs may in fact overrun Canada.

However, it won’t be easy for them to maintain their high standards. With Sergio Aguero out suspended until December 31st and Diego Costa seemingly injured (75% chance of playing), not to mention two injured bench players adding some tension to the process of roster construction, the lead-up to Game Week 15 could be the moment where the Hogs revert to form and start to scuttle again – instead of soaring through the upper echelons of the fantasy world as they have for several weeks now.

Eagerly awaiting the scuttle are second-place PM’s Punters (80 pts GW14) and third-place HarcourtFC (87 pts GW14) who also held and captained Sanchez. But both will also have to show what they’re made of as managers as they too are faced with a suspended Aguero.

The plummeting and re-branded Conte FC (formerly known as Pep City) won’t have to face such a dilemma as Aguero was dumped the night before City’s debacle at the Etihad, a move that netted Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen. But Kane and Eriksen’s combined 4 goals were not nearly enough during Game Week Sanchez.

Any team known as Conte FC should want to look at adding Diego Costa but with the injury question mark hanging over the player, manager John Vid might want to stay away from the hot-headed Brazilian and teams such as Chicos United, These Go to XI and D Dogs may need to look at selling the Chelsea front man.

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