Why I hate Alexis Sanchez 1


I hate Alexis Sanchez because he destroyed all of the good work I did today in the Fantasy Premier League.

Prior to the West Ham Arsenal game my Pep City team was looking good. Sitting on 50 points after moving for Harry Kane (my captain and 2-goal scorer) and Christian Eriksen, I was looking to gain ground on the first-place Scuttling Hogs and the third-place PM’s Punters but after Sanchez’s three goal-one assist performance I will be lucky to retain the fourth-place spot I was in in the WPBHL FPL, since fifth-place HarcourtFC also has the evil Sanchez.

F*** Sanchez and everyone who picked him!

Note: Given the emotions this experience has produced in me I’ve come to the conclusion that this fantasy sports thing is going to be more than a passing fad. I may hate Sanchez (today) but I think I’m in love with the FPL.

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One thought on “Why I hate Alexis Sanchez

  • the Abbot

    I captained Sanchez as a last-minute call based on the EPL schedule going into last weekend – and it seems many others did the same thing from the amount of 46-point single-player tallies around the world.

    The brilliant thing about Fantasy EPL has been the ease of entering leagues and playing against people you know – apparently NOT a feature of the ESPN Fantasy Hockey I’m part of with Team Hound. Very confusing platform by comparison.