Hogs in the mud 3


Well… my Scuttling Hogs team has struggled a bit, and the main difference between these dark days of early 2017 and the Hogs’ heyday of last fall seems to be only that I’ve been taking a more active management hand in things week to week. Sad but true.

The sweeping changes I brought in over the holidays have yielded little. Occasioned first by Aguero’s suspension, the swaps first brought in the horribly underperforming Origi and the equally unimpressive Rondon (for Dafoe, who at the time was languishing but has since picked up his game). Origi is gone, replaced by Llorente, but the Middlesborough boys chosen to replace Ward et al are also not doing a lot.

The Hogs are holding off Harcourt FC but are well back of Chicos FC with no immediate hope of returning to the top of the Withrow table. Best management tactic may be to leave the team alone for a spell…

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3 thoughts on “Hogs in the mud

  • John V

    That’s what I’ve concluded as well Abbot – leave your team alone if at all possible. I’m personally guilty of having made 32 total transfers in a season that is not yet done. For the first time in a long time for this game week I did not make a single transfer. The only thing about leaving a team alone is that it needs to be a good team. Do I finally have a “good team”? Only time will tell…

  • JoMo

    HarcourtFC is in top form, and I think the Scuttling Hogs will drop to third in the table by Sunday. My moves this past 4 weeks have been working out. Brought Jakupovic into net today for shut out against Liverpool, and my front 3 is rocking today. My only regret is that I seriously considered Lukaku for captain, but opted for Kane. Happy to see Kane just get a PK, but Lukaku had 4 today!

    • John V

      Jeez – what a front line today, JoMo. When did you add Harry Kane? I was looking to differentiate when I added him. After seeing Lukaku’s four goal rampage for you, I hoped to mitigate that with Kane – but you had him. Luckily for me no one else has Kane, nor Ibra – my only player left playing in this GW. I have some hope with Ibra but do worry that Pep will start both Aguero and Jesus vs the Swans tomorrow and PM will nullify any ground I hope to make up. There could be goals galore for City tomorrow and Aguero should be aided by the presence of Jesus – if Aguero plays.

      Sincerely yours and forever in fifth…

      Wait, Forbes had Defoe and Lukaku too?…

      Is sixth closer to my reality? What a dreadful fantasy season for Conte FC.

      Come on Ibra!!!