Poll: Who will win the 2017 Men’s US Open? 1

With world #4 Novak Djokovic done for the rest of 2017’s season, and world #1 Andy Murray not yet fully rehabbed from a hip injury that clearly hobbled him at Wimbledon, the landscape for this year’s U.S. Open looks a little more wide open for both Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer than either might have expected earlier this summer.

Both Nadal and Federer, world #2 and #3 respectively, played excellent tennis at Wimbledon. Federer of course captured the championship (his 8th at Wimbledon, a new record); Nadal was flawless until losing an epic 5-set match in the quarterfinals.

Will the U.S. Open see a Roger-Rafa final? Or will their ages, and the strong play of others like Stan Wawrinka, derail what would be a fan favourite matchup and a ratings bonanza for the TV networks?

Who do you think will win the 2017 Men’s U.S. Open?

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One thought on “Poll: Who will win the 2017 Men’s US Open?

  • John V

    After several years of knocking, the door would appear to be opening for Milos Raonic with players aging and getting injured. Will he be able to open that door the rest of the way and walk through into that place where the best reside, or will he stay where he’s at while younger stars move past him as the successors to Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray?

    It does look like he’s realized he’s going to have to do something different to take his place among the very best, or even to win his first major. Word is that Raonic is looking at the mental side of his game:


    We do know that mental training can improve performance.

    However, I wonder if what we’re talking about is something that cannot be nurtured in an athlete. Are we perhaps talking about a winning mentality in Raonic? If so, isn’t that something that a person is more likely to be born with and can’t really be changed?