After four goal night, it is tempting to place Best Player in the World mantle on Connor McDavid

It was only one night, one game, and he hasn’t won a ring yet, but the conversation has once again turned to Connor McDavid now being the Best Player in the World.

That’s what we do here. We drive that conversation around the best players in the world in all sports, and this is a conversation that continues. Specifically, the talk is around whether or not McDavid is now better than the man who has worn the mantle for quite a time now, Sidney Crosby.

Worn the mantle. Wears the mantle. Mantle.

Mantle can be defined as “An important role or responsibility that passes from one person to another.

‘the second son has now assumed his father’s mantle’”  (Oxford)

Writing for Sportsnet, Mark Spector said of McDavid’s four goal performance against Tampa:

“McDavid had an all-world night Monday, scoring four goals and adding an assist in a 6-2 victory over a decidedly loose Tampa Bay Lightning club. They didn’t become the top team in the National Hockey League playing like this, but McDavid will — one day — be the undisputed best player in the world if he does.

Best Player in the World. We agree. McDavid is getting close.

In the piece, Spector quotes the Lightning’s Tyler Johnson:

“He’s the best, or one of the best with Crosby, in the world.”

Spector also quotes the Lightning’s head coach, Jon Cooper:

“He’s one of the top players in the league, blessed with the speed and the skill and everything you want in a hockey player. He’s got it and he was on tonight. He’s fun to watch.”

Spector concedes that while McDavid may be trying the mantle on with each great performance, Crosby is still very much in the conversation:

“Still, as you talk to opponents across the league, the mantle of “Best Player in the World” that comes up in reference to McDavid is almost always qualified with Sid’s name.”

So, when exactly will the mantle be taken from Crosby and be McDavid’s to keep?

Stay tuned here to find out.

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