Shaun White: 5 reasons he’s so popular 1

  1. He was “discovered” at 9 years old in a skate park by boarding legend Tony Hawk.
  2. He is the most decorated snowboarder and X Games athlete of all time.
  3. He speaks like a guy you’d meet at a local bar, not like a programmed robot.
  4. He plays guitar in a electro-rock band and has gigged at Lollapalooza.
  5. At Pyeongyang 2018, he just won gold in the Winter Olympics snowboard half-pipe for a record 3rd time.

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One thought on “Shaun White: 5 reasons he’s so popular

  • John V

    This is a little bit outside of the box given the back end of his career, but for me it has to be Tiger Woods. I don’t think any player has dominated his sport (perhaps the most difficult of all sports), as Tiger once did.