suck on this, Jim Bouton
Throughout Movember at BP, we’ve spotlighted some mighty fine staches. And one or two (hello, Sidney Crosby) have lacked a little something, too. When you spend a month trolling the interweb for moustache pictures, two things can happen. One, you run the risk of losing friends and of having colleagues […]

Movember 30 – best sports moustache of the month

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BP’s stache of the day goes this evening to BC Lions receiver Kierrie Johnson – though in this 2007 Texas high-school photo, Kierrie can barely scrape together the testosterone to darken his upper lip. These days, Johnson’s a rookie with the BC Lions, who until tonight hadn’t made a huge […]

Movember 27 – Kierrie Johnson moustache

"If that fool Boudreau hadn't benched me in 2011, I'd never have sat out the last 10 years of my contract. Peasant." 1
In the BP Movember tradition of comparing ugly pics of athletes to same from the acting world, here we go with another… Don’t you agree that it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine Ovie, above, in a decade or so (around the time his big fat Russian contract […]

Movember 25 – Alex Ovechkin moustache

"HIggins - I don't want to get wet again. Call that swimmer guy."
Fabulous American swimmer Mark Spitz was unbeatable in the pool for a while in the 70s. He claimed gold medals and world records at every turn…but as we see here, he had an advantage over all of his competitors: he was the only one among them who was the secret […]

Movember 23 – Mark Spitz moustache