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Well… my Scuttling Hogs team has struggled a bit, and the main difference between these dark days of early 2017 and the Hogs’ heyday of last fall seems to be only that I’ve been taking a more active management hand in things week to week. Sad but true. The sweeping […]

Hogs in the mud

The Scuttling Hogs sit comfortably atop two leagues – WPBHL and Best Player in the World – with Gameweek 12 mostly in the books. Despite sub-par showings from captain Aguero and expensive midfielder Sanchez (who has been underperforming of late and n.b., may soon find himself an ex-Hog), the team picked […]

Hogs resplendent

Who is the best soccer player in the world? It turns out that Lionel Messi is playable. Prior to today’s big Champions League clash between his current Manchester City side and his former Barcelona team, manager Pep Guardiola stated that Lionel Messi was “unplayable”. Well, so much for that theory. […]

Messi is playable