The Big Theory

The nature versus nurture debate is an ongoing discussion in psychology today. The debate is fundamentally based on whether a person’s development is predisposed by their genes, or if development is influenced by life experiences and environment. The focus of this essay is the debate on whether athleticism is affected […]

Nature vs Nurture in Sports

leafs losing
In a sweeping sociology-meets-sports tour de force, excellent hockey scribe Nathan Kanter exhumes the sad cadaver that is Hogtown’s recent sporting history…and the autopsy results are not pretty. Kanter, who can dissect a game with Corsi & possession stats as a forensic pathologist might wield a scalpel, here pulls back the skin of an […]

Is Toronto the “City of Losers?

Occasional Maple Leaf Korbinian Holzer: will he stick with the NHL club this year? 2
Perceptive words today from Toronto sports journalist James Mirtle (@mirtle), writing in The Globe and Mail on the Maple Leafs’ first day at training camp. Watching an NHL camp up close is fascinating. You quickly realize the extremely high skill level of even the “weakest” participants, as AHL journeymen playing […]

A fine line