Alex Ovechkin

"What, me worry?" 1
Today, the first of a five-part series on why the Washington Capitals should do the once-unthinkable and trade Alexander Ovechkin, their captain and leader. ________________________________ Related: Leo Tolstoy on what’s wrong with Ovie What’s wrong with Alex Ovechkin? ________________________________ Reason #1: Meet the new boss, not the same as the […]

Top 5 reasons the Caps should trade Ovechkin

Meet the new Mrs. O. 1
The old joke goes something like this: “Never date a tennis player – because in tennis, love means nothing.” Washington Capitals’ captain Alex Ovechkin obviously thinks differently. On December 31, he and fellow Russian Maria Kirilenko (currently ranked world #14 in women’s tennis) announced their engagement in that most twentysomething […]

Ovechkin: off the bench and up the aisle

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Like most hockey watchers and lovers of old Russian literature, we at BP are mystified by what’s happened to the force of nature that was once Alex Ovechkin. —————————————————————————- Related stories: Cry-baby Ovechkin won’t go to NHL All-Star game Movember 25 – Alex Ovechkin moustache What’s wrong with Alex Ovechkin? […]

Leo Tolstoy on what’s wrong with Ovie