Ben Foster

Fantasy Premier League 2016 17 GW1 Dream Team
With Game Week 1 in the books it’s time to have a look at who the FPL’s best players were. Our “best players” run down is a commentary on the Dream Team selected by the FPL. We use the FPL’s statistics and for comparison offer their WhoScored rating. This week’s […]

Fantasy Premier League Best Players: Game Week 1

GW1 FPL1617 Pep City 1
First-off I’ll explain the name “Pep City”. Last season I played under the team name “The Outsider”, winning the Islington Rangers 99s Fantasy Premier League (FPL) league with a total of 2,133 points. I still feel very much like an outsider in the world of soccer but was inspired to […]

Game Week 1 Fantasy Premier League Selections: Pep City