Sidney Crosby

  Rookies on the Toronto Maple Leafs are pumped to play against the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight and especially their captain Sidney Crosby, widely acknowledged as the best hockey player in the world. The Globe and Mail’s James Mirtle filed a story today outlining how the young Leafs feel about taking […]

Leafs face Best Player in the World

Following the Pittsburgh Penguin’s 2016 Stanley Cup win, the’s Dan Rosen nicely captured the arc of Sidney Crosby’s challenging and ultimately vindicating season. Rosen positioned the piece around the doubt that surrounded Sid: “Considering how last season ended, the questions regarding Crosby’s greatness and his stature as the best […]

It was always thus – Sidney Crosby is the best ...

So who in the NHL’s “hockey operations” department decided that the annual All-Star game – virtually meaningless except as a marketing showpiece for the league – should this year exclude its #1 sales asset? Crosby, along with most of his Pittsburgh teammates, is in the midst of a forgettable season. […]

NHL All-Star Game: no Crosby, no sense

"Uh, gee - I apologize for being so stupid?" 2
This is one heck of a contrast. Milbury was a decent if unremarkable player, and from there went on to a stint as likely the very worst general manager in NHL history, trading away Zdeno Chara, Roberto Luongo, Todd Bertuzzi and other stars from the woeful Islanders in return for […]

Mike Milbury vs Sidney Crosby