Sidney Crosby

when in doubt, keep sitting out
News out of Pittsburgh is that docs have cleared Sidney Crosby for contact – again – and that he’s aiming for a Thursday return against the New York Rangers. _________________________________________________ Related posts: Concussion tracker: Sidney Crosby, Kobe Bryant, and others Sidney Crosby comeback Ban all hits to the head, says […]

Crosby to return against Rangers? Why?

Crosby: Santa comes early in Pittsburgh 1
What the entire hockey world has been waiting 10 months for will happen Monday night: the best player in the world, Sidney Crosby, will return to action after missing 61 games with a concussion sustained in early January 2011. Crosby’s comeback puts him on the ice with his Pittsburgh Penguins, […]

Sidney Crosby back to the NHL

OK, maybe a site called Best Player in the World shouldn’t waste its readers’ time on the antics of a hired thug like Matt Cooke. But because the best hockey player in the world – Cooke’s Pittsburgh Penguins teammate Sidney Crosby – has missed the second half of the season […]

Get rid of Matt Cooke, period

Crosby: playing at a different level than everyone else in the league
As 2010 wraps up, there can be no doubt who is the best ice hockey player in the world. Sidney Crosby is destroying opposing teams and, for now, any comparisons between him and Ovechkin, Stamkos, Toews, Lidstrom, Sedin, or any other erstwhile contenders for Best Player honours. Crosby is riding […]

Crosby acknowledged the best